Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Taking the Mystery out of the Question Mark

One of the frequent comments I hear from people goes something like this:  "Your company is really good at customer service.  How do you do it?"

It's pretty simple.  People ask questions, and when they do, they want and deserve an answer.

Many technical people have an interesting way of responding to emails.  It involves picking and choosing which questions they want to answer.  There's a running joke at DBConnect about this trait in IT, and we see this issue rear its ugly head all-too frequently.

At DBConnect, we pride ourselves on providing prompt and complete answers to questions.  Sometimes that requires a lot of hard work.  It also frequently requires follow-up, and more work, because questions often lead to additional questions, and often to additional work.

That's not a bad problem to have in an uncertain economy to be sure.  Happy customers are a good thing.

So, our advice to Information Technology professionals is to pay attention to those question marks.  They really do mean something important; ignoring a question mark can lead to an unhappy customer and the loss of business.